We're a passionate group of people working from around the world to build green accounting practices.

Beyond numbers, we're committed to fueling your growth by cutting down unnecessary costs. Our insights go beyond balancing books — we help you make informed decisions that drive profitability.

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Step 01

Understanding client's problems

When a client approaches us with an issue or concern, we make it a priority to give them our full attention. We encourage them to articulate their problems in detail, ensuring we grasp the nuances of their specific situation.

Step 02

Defining client's need:

Understanding their specific financial challenges, analyzing their records, and proposing tailored solutions that align with their goals and preferences. The aim is to provide expert guidance and support to meet their necessity.

Step 03

Solutions & Probable outcome

We carefully assess their goals, risk tolerance, and current financial standing to propose suitable strategies. These solutions are designed to optimize financial growth, risk management, and asset allocation.

Step 04

Ensure continuous support

Our objective is to provide consistent guidance, assistance, and expertise to help clients navigate their financial journey and achieve their long-term financial goals.We strive to be readily available, responsive, and proactive in addressing their evolving needs.

Our customers love us

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we work closely with you to develop personalized strategic plans that align with your goals.


Our people

At Pie Consultant, we're dedicated to simplifying the complex world of finance. With a team of seasoned experts, we offer comprehensive accounting solutions tailored to your business needs.

From bookkeeping and tax planning to financial analysis, our services are designed to empower your financial success. With a track record of delivering tangible results, we take pride in being a catalyst for your financial progress.

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Collaborative Meeting

We approach the workplace as something that adds to our lives and adds value to world.

Along with accounting and financial services we also offer digital marketing services to our client's so that they can outreach their potential clients using proven methodology aligning with financial strategy.


Crafting Seamless Digital Solutions

Explore our app development services to enhance your brand's visibility and drive business growth in today's competitive digital landscape.


Grow organically to reach maximum

With a focus on proven methodologies and continuous adaptation to search engine algorithms, we ensure your business stays ahead in the digital race.


Elevate your brand with striking website

From responsive design to seamless navigation, we ensure your site meets the highest standards of performance, attracting more visitors and enhancing your brand's visibility.

Our offices

We have launched this consultancy organization to serve all ranges of companies with utmost expertise in Accountancy & financial service.


House-261, Agargaon

Shere bangla nagar, Dhaka - 1207


415 New Hall Lane

Preston, PR14SY